Heat Issues During Severe Winter Cold

Dec 09, 2016

During this time of extreme cold (-30 degree weather), the radiated heat system can only keep your unit at 18...

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Clubhouse Repairs

Jan 03, 2017

Update: The gym and bathrooms downstairs in the clubhouse are now open. The squash court is still under construction.

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Anderson Road Widening

May 25, 2017

We have been informed by the City that they are planning a sound barrier wall to be put up on...

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Southampton Green Registration

This registration form is for owners of Southampton Green Condominiums. All submitters will be compared to the list of owners that is presently on file with our management company. If you are not on that list, you will not be granted access to this area. If you have just purchased a unit here, you may have to wait a week until that information has been updated.

No other individuals will be given access to this area. If you are a renter and wish to receive a visitor parking pass, please contact your unit owner.

To owners, all required information on this form must be filled out correctly. Any information that is purposely insufficient or misleading, may lead to you not being granted access to the owners area.


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