Clubhouse Gym Temporarily Open

Dec 30, 2016

Until full renovations are able to start, we have made the gym available for Southampton Green residents. A temporary wall...

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Heat Issues During Severe Winter Cold

Dec 09, 2016

During this time of extreme cold (-30 degree weather), the radiated heat system can only keep your unit at 18...

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Clubhouse Building Work

Oct 04, 2016

The clubhouse at Southampton Green downstairs area is shut down until which time renovations have completed. Also note that the...

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Friday, 30 December 2016 10:05

Clubhouse Gym Temporarily Open

Until full renovations are able to start, we have made the gym available for Southampton Green residents. A temporary wall has been built to block off the construction zone area and for your own safety we ask that residents stay within the stairs / hallway / gym area.

Unfortunately the squash courts are still unavailable as that area is being used for storage.


Clubhouse Renovation Update

We understand that residents, like us, are anxious to have the facilities available on a full-time basis and the Board is moving as quickly as possible.

We are pleased to announce that after meeting with and receiving quotes from five highly reputable companies, the board has awarded the renovation contract to Tayo Construction. Tayo placed a competitive bid and has a strong track record with Southampton Green, often going the extra mile to ensure the work is done right and on schedule. Over the past year, they have repaired the leaking Clubhouse exterior and poured the concrete patio pads for first level units.

In addition to the structural engineer who created the plans and supported the bid process, we have a mechanical engineer and architect creating certified plans for the permit process. Through the bidding and heating system review processes, we uncovered unexpected challenges that need to addressed.

  • Commercial permits: Through a variety of conversations with trades and contractors, we were made aware that the Clubhouse may be considered a commercial building and the permitting process has more rigor. Our architect has been through the building and met with a board representative this week. Through this discussion, the architect advised the Clubhouse wouldn't be considered commercial and we can apply for permits under regular housing code. Once the full plans have been submitted to the city, we will then know where we stand. The timeline for permit approval is four to six weeks. After that, construction can begin.
  • Heating systems: As the systems re quite old, our mechanical engineer along with the architect will look at our heating system to see what needs revisions and reworking, and what doesn't, to make the best and most comfortable environment possible.

Until the project is finished and the Clubhouse is fully re-opened, we will send out monthly updates to keep you informed. If you have further questions, please send them to In addition to replying directly, we will include the information in our next update.

Thank you for your patience,

Southampton Green Board of Directors

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