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LED Lighting To reduce costs on the power consumption at Southampton, the board installed LED lighting throughout the property. On the lower levels, we installed motion sensor lighting that activates when...

Friday, 30 January 2015 17:00


Southampton Green is a private parking area in which residents are given access to specific numbered stalls either by the management company to owner, the owner to a renter, or a rental pool to renter. No other individual may park on this site in numbered stalls. 

At no time may a resident park in someone else's stall. If the resident has no stall, then they must park on the street, not in a visitor parking stall. You cannot park your work van or truck on this property. These kind of vehicle have proven to be to large to park in our stalls, and may not park these vehicles in visitor parking. These vehicles will be towed away at the car owners expense.

Visitors may park in one of the 4 designated visitor parking areas on the property. If parking over the evening after 1:00am to 7:00 pm, the visitor must have a pass to park in visitor parking. At no time may owners park in the visitor parking stalls as per bylaws.

The following information is from the Calgary Parking Authority and may contain information for those who need to call the CPA to resolve unlawful parking situations, or people parking in their stall without authorization. 

Download CPA brochure

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