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LED Lighting To reduce costs on the power consumption at Southampton, the board installed LED lighting throughout the property. On the lower levels, we installed motion sensor lighting that activates when...

Thursday, 29 January 2015 17:00

General Bylaws

All owners should read and retain their bylaws. Any individuals who are thinking of owning a unit at Southampton Green, should read their bylaws in full. Not doing so could cause significant expense to you when the board rectifies any breach of the bylaws by enforcement.

The Board of Directors enforce the bylaws on a regular basis. All renters should read the bylaws below to ensure they do not break them in any way. If an owner or renter break any of the following bylaws, and after one warning do not correct the infringement, all charges, legal fees, or labour hours needed by the board to correct the infringement, will be charged to the owner of the unit.

An Owner shall ensure that his Occupants comply with all bylaws and requirements.

An owner or renter shall not:

use or enjoy the Common Property in such a manner as to unreasonably interfere with its use and enjoyment by other Owners or Occupants;

use his Unit in a manner or for a purpose that will cause a nuisance or hazard to any other Owner or Occupant;

use his Unit for a purpose that is illegal;

make undue noise in his Unit or on or about the real property of the Corporation or the Common Property;

keep or harbour in his Unit or on the real property of the Corporation or the Common Property any animal, bird, domestic or house hold pet without the written consent of the Board: provide that the Board may, at any time in writing, revoke such consent or request the removal of any domestic or household pet, animal or bird which is deemed a nuisance or causing an annoyance to others, whereupon such animal or pet shall be removed forthwith from the Unit. No Owner or renter shall feed pigeons, gulls or other birds from the windows of their Unit, or anywhere in close proximity to the Unit;

use his Unit for a purpose other than for a Single Family Residence or Home Office;

do anything in respect of his Unit, the real or personal property of the Corporation or the common Property or bring or keep anything on it that will in any way increase the risk of fire or result in an increase of any insurance premiums payable by the Corporation;

leave water running unless in actual use in his Unit;

use a toilet, sink, tub, drain or other plumbing fixture for a purpose other than that for which it is constructed and no sweepings, garbage, rubbish, rags, ashes, or other substances shall be thrown therein;

erect or fasten to his Unit or on or about the real property of the Corporation or the Common Property, any kind of television antenna, aerial, tower or similar structure and appurtenances thereto as the same may only be done by the Corporation for and in connection with a common television cable or other distribution or reception system;

hang laundry other than is his Unit;

erect over the outside of windows any awnings or shades, nor shall any articles be hung or placed on any outside window sills of his Unit;

leave articles belonging to his household on the real property of the Corporation or the Common Property when those articles are not in actual use;

obstruct a sidewalk, walkway, passage, driveway or parking area other than for ingress and egress to and from his Unit;

erect or plant or cause to be erected or planted any fence, screen, barrier, awning, shade, partition, tree, shrub, or flower on, or which overhangs any part of the common Property other than that for which such Owner has been granted the right to exclusive use, without the prior written consent of the Board;

park any motor vehicle, trailer, boat, snowmobile, mechanical toboggan, machinery, or equipment of any kind on any part of the Common Property, on any street within the Parcel or in any parking stalls designated from time to time by the Board as being for visitor parking;

make any repairs to or wash any motor vehicle on the Common Property, in any parking area or elsewhere in the Parcel;

use his Unit to Provide a Day Care Centre or baby-sitting service;

harm, mutilate, destroy, alter or litter any of the landscaping works on the Parcel including grass, tree, shrubs, hedges, flowers, or flower beds;

erect any building, structure or tent on the Common Property;

place, locate, keep or maintain any trailer (either with or without living, sleeping or eating accommodation) on the Common Property;

conduct any group tour or exhibition of his Unit or its contents, or conduct any auction sale or other sale in or about his Unit or the Parcel without the consent in writing of the Board;

place any kind of sign, billboard, notice or other advertising matter on any part of his Unit or on or about the Common Property without the written consent of the Board first obtained;

store gasoline, combustible or flammable goods or materials or offensives goods in or upon or about his Unit or any part of the Common Property;

do any work nor permit a contractor or workman to do any work in his Unit that would disturb any other residents between the hours of 8:00 pm and 8:30 am or on Saturdays, Sundays or legal holidays without the prior consent of the Board;

without the approval of the Board being had first obtained in writing use his Unit in whole or in part for any commercial or professional purpose involving the attendance of the public at such Unit (except as a Home Office as defined herein) and, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, use his Unit or part thereof as an office for a real estate agent, doctor, dentist, chiropractor, druggist or other professional person;

use any portion of the Common Property except in accordance with the By-laws or the rules established from time to time by the Board; or

move furniture in and out of his Unit except at such time as such shall be authorised by the Board or the Manager;

no vehicle belonging to an Owner or other member of his family or a guest or an Owner or a Tenant or an occupant shall park in such manner as to impede or prevent ready access to another Owner's stall.

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