Tennis Court Redevelopment

Southampton Green's Tennis area will be undergoing redevelopment this year.

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Thursday, 03 June 2021 10:33

Tennis Court Redevelopment

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Southampton Green's Tennis area will be undergoing redevelopment this year.

Tuesday, 23 February 2021 21:04

Continued Projects 2019

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LED Lighting

To reduce costs on the power consumption at Southampton, the board installed LED lighting throughout the property. On the lower levels, we installed motion sensor lighting that activates when the sun goes down. On the upper levels we installed a new standard LED light. The corporation also install LED lighting throughout the common hallways. In the months that followed, Southampton saw a significant decrease in power usage, between $1000-$1500 a month. Moving forward through 2020, we are hoping to see the same decreases and hope to save at least $10,000 for the year.

New Doors

Southampton Green upgraded the building's entry doors and frames to the last existing green doored buildings.

Entry Stairs

The board looked at different options for our entry stairs, and at this time decided to fix what we have to extend use out another 5 years. We will keep an eye on the performance of this fix, and if necessary replace.


A new treadmill was purchased in 2019, and this year the board has agreed to buy one more to replace the aging Precor.


The board chose to replace the aging playground equipment in 2019. This will hopefully be a series of upgrades to the common property. The board is looking at the tennis courts and wanted to do something about this in 2021.


In 2019 the board landscaped part of the front of building 2-3 with some larger feature rocks and smaller rock around it. We used rock as the pine trees in this area stop grass from growing.

In other areas of the property, some older trees were removed in 2019. More will follow as trees are starting to die out.

Sunday, 13 October 2019 11:13

Projects Completed 2019

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The beginning of this year saw the completion of our 2018 roof project. We now have all roofs as torch on and no tar and gravel roofs exist. We also have new roof hatches that will aid in a safer and easier access for plumbers and other contractors.

Saturday, 01 December 2018 11:07

Projects Completed 2018

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Gas Prices

This year our 4 year contract on gas came due. The board decided to go back to index pricing since index was lower than our previous contract. However, the province had increased the tax on gas usage through their environment program, so any offset in pricing that we believed we were going to get, didn’t happen. If gas prices go up significantly over and above the tax, we may have to go back to a contract price.

Friday, 01 December 2017 10:46

Projects Completed 2017

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Because of years of water damage from ground water intrusion, the corporation decided to dig up the area around three sides of the Clubhouse foundation and waterproof the concrete walls. We also put in weeping tile and two sump pumps to keep the water out of this building.

The Corporation then redeveloped the basement interior by removing a hallway wall and opening up the environment to allow for more usable space. New bathrooms were designed to get rid of previous shower areas. By reconfiguring the bathrooms, we enlarged two storage areas.

Thursday, 25 May 2017 14:46

Anderson Road Widening

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We have been informed by the City that they are planning a sound barrier wall to be put up on our property because of the noise coming off or Anderson Road, and the expected increase of noise because the the Ring Road that is now under construction. The images here show where the initial placement of that wall will be. The board will be in consultation with the City for finalized placement and construction if the board approves. We will update this page when we have new information to pass on. If you have concerns about this project, please contact us at and title your email Anderson Road Widening.

Tuesday, 03 January 2017 10:05

Clubhouse Repairs

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Update: The gym and bathrooms downstairs in the clubhouse are now open. The squash court is still under construction.

Friday, 09 December 2016 03:15

Heat Issues During Severe Winter Cold

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During this time of extreme cold (-30 degree weather), the radiated heat system can only keep your unit at 18 - 20 degrees Celsius. This is normal and it means if your thermostat is set at 25, it will likely only warm to a maximum 20 degrees. If you require higher temperatures, you may need to wear additional layers of clothing or supplement the building heating system with an electric space heater (gas or other fuel sources are a fire hazard and against our bylaws).

To get the most out of the heating system:

  • ensure furniture, beds, drapes and other items are not blocking the heating system.
  • ensure the fireplace flue is in the closed position (when not in use) and cover the opening of the fireplace.

If you are concerned that your unit is not properly heated, before calling please check the radiant pipes. When warm or hot, they are likely working properly even though your unit may not be the temperature you desire. Please be aware that when you request a service call after-hours and the system is working properly, the unit owner is responsible for the after-hours plumber invoice.
If the radiant pipes are cold or fluid is seen leaking from the pipes, contact Simco Management immediately.*

During business hours: 403.234.0166 ext. 4022   (follow voicemail instructions if no answer)
After business hours: 403.230.4814
Stay warm everyone!
*Please note: thermostats and the heating systems are common property and are the responsibility of the Condominium Corporation, as outlined in our 1998 by-laws. Changes in any one unit can effect every resident in the building so authorized contractors must be used. Any owners making changes to thermostats or the radiant heating system in their unit are responsible for inspection and resulting repair costs by the Southampton Green Condominium Corporation’s authorized contractors.

Tuesday, 04 October 2016 04:01

Clubhouse Building Work

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The clubhouse at Southampton Green downstairs area is shut down until which time renovations have completed. Also note that the southern area of the clubhouse will be going through repairs this October to stop water from entering the basement. Please be aware of any contractors in and around the clubhouse. Access to the laundry card system is still available. There may be a time in which it is not while the southern area is being dug up. Please keep your children away from the building during these renovations.

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