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Continued Projects 2019

LED Lighting To reduce costs on the power consumption at Southampton, the board installed LED lighting throughout the property. On the lower levels, we installed motion sensor lighting that activates when...

Friday, 01 December 2017 10:46

Projects Completed 2017


Because of years of water damage from ground water intrusion, the corporation decided to dig up the area around three sides of the Clubhouse foundation and waterproof the concrete walls. We also put in weeping tile and two sump pumps to keep the water out of this building.

The Corporation then redeveloped the basement interior by removing a hallway wall and opening up the environment to allow for more usable space. New bathrooms were designed to get rid of previous shower areas. By reconfiguring the bathrooms, we enlarged two storage areas.


Intercom FOB security systems

Building security has been enhanced with a new FOB system. This also allowed the Corporation to give all residents access to the Clubhouse.

Parking Lot Lines

The Corporation repainted parking stall lines. Unfortunately not all residents moved their cars and some stalls need to be redone.

Tennis Courts

The board has looked into this area and have costed how much money it will take to repair this area, but the bigger question is should we continue with tennis courts at all. The Corporation will look at reducing the area to one tennis court, and two basketball courts / multi-purpose area to give this area greater usability. However, we have met many individuals who would like bigger parking stalls and a few years back the question was asked should we not just make it into a parking lot. This project needs further study.

Downspouts and External staircases.

This year the board has extended out any newer black and grey downspouts to move water away from the buildings and staircases. Over the years the stairs have fallen in some places because rain water moving back into the stairs. Now with the extension the water goes away from the stairs. All residents are asked not to shovel snow onto these downspouts as it will cause freeze up into the downspouts and break them.


Four trees were taken down this year. Since our freak snow storm a couple of years back the board allowed those four trees to come back. Unfortunately they didn’t, so hence they were taken down. There is no plan to replace these trees as most of those trees have other ones nearby. We also were informed that some of our Elm trees need treatment for European Elm Scale. This inoculation will have to be done in spring.

Landscape Contractor

The Corporation has hired a new landscaping company, Lawns Etc.

Organic Recycling

Come November the property will be installing organic recycling stations around the property. Since the basic recycling in certain areas isn’t either being done, done improperly, or left to build up, a concerted effort of education will have to be implemented. Owners that have renters will have to be even more diligent in enforcing that their residents act appropriately in depositing their recyclables.

Reserve Fund Study

We have completed our 5 year Reserve Fund Study with RJC.

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